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Our 40 years of experience as both log builders and timber wrights gives us the flexibility to use the appropriate style of log or timber work for your project. The knowledge displayed in our craftsmanship and design enables us to take your concept and execute it to the very highest standards.

Robert Davidson (one of Canada’s most respected and important contemporary visual artists) explained that, when he started carving the art seemed strictly a commercial enterprise – carve a piece to sell to a tourist. However, the more he worked with art and developed as an artist he understood the incredible cultural value art represents, so much history and knowledge is told through art. Robert started to realize how art brought people and community together through the sharing of knowledge and the integration of understanding. This process and the individual art pieces are typically guided and critiqued by elders of the community to ensure accuracy.

I see art and artists are very similar to woodwork and craftsman – both media represent traditional knowledge and skills that have evolved in ways that are inspired from within and have the ability to reach out and inspire others.

British Columbia and the B.C. log and timber building industry have been blessed with the ability to attract and integrate traditional knowledge representing cultures from here and abroad.

Dürfeld Log and Timber (DL&T) believes in this ‘cultural approach’ to business – respecting and building on the values from the past to help us realize a sustainable future.

I am truly grateful for all the individuals and their skills that we have worked with over the last 40 years, and honoured to share this master craftsmanship and innovative design with you.


I regard it a privilege to be involved in an industry that combines the two most valuable resources in British Columbia – its people, and its forests. It is in respect and admiration to both the wood crafters and the Western red cedar trees that challenges us to remain true to
the spirit of the craft.

— Ric Dürfeld

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