For over 40 years Dürfeld Log and Timber has focused on quality and attention to detail. We continue to drive ourselves in the development of our staff and encourage them to push the level of both technical and finishing details in each project. We are committed to providing each project the highest level of value in both quality of the trees we use as well as the quality of fit and finish that we can achieve.

Fine grain Western red cedar from BC’s coastal forests is the primary building material that we use on both post and beam and hand scribe log crafting. We naturally air cure all logs before they are put into our building program to insure the most stable fit and finish. We also use fine grain Douglas fir for sawn timbers as well as various accents and character pieces within projects.

Dürfeld is known for its fine hand peeled finishing of each log and its high standards of fit in all notching and joinery. Being involved in the ‘custom home’ building markets has given Dürfeld Log and Timber the experience that enables us to make each project to exacting standards.


Chris Pineo
Project Manager, Schuchart Dow Inc.

“Ric Dürfeld and his team of craftsmen provide an amazing level of service marked by attention to detail and a deep understanding and respect for their craft. Having recently completed a project that pushed the technical limits of log construction, I can wholeheartedly say that the success of the final product would not have been possible without the knowledge brought to the table by Dürfeld Log and Timber.”

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Dave Abramoff
Project Manager, Boxwell Construction.

“The workmanship in this house is the finest I’ve ever seen,” Declares Dave Abramoff, Boxwell’s project manager […] He adds, “I’d put it against any home in North America. It goes beyond construction into artisanship — it’s true art.”