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Commitment to Quality

At Dürfeld Log & Timber, we have the desire and ability to push the parameters of building with logs in their natural form. Our theoretical process, coupled with meticulous fit and finish, produces precise tolerances while honouring and featuring the log's natural shape. This enables us to integrate our logs into any building style and seamlessly interface with all other building mediums, including stick frame, steel, concrete, and mass timber.
We continue to nurture the skill development of our staff and encourage their creativity as crafters while pushing the level of technical detail in each project.
Fine grain Western Red Cedar – ‘the tree of life’ in Northwest Coast Indigenous Cultures - is the primary building material we use. Cedar has a low shrinkage factor, is resistant to insects and decay, and is superior to all other coniferous woods in its overall dimensional stability. We air dry all logs before using them in our building program to ensure the most stable fit and finish.

A Cultural Approach

British Columbia and the B.C. log and timber building industry have been blessed with a broad influence of hereditary and historical knowledge representing cultures from here and abroad. To me, woodwork and woodcrafters are comparable to art and artists – both media represent traditional knowledge and skills that are inspired from within. The master-crafting we do at Dürfeld Log & Timber is an evolving artform with the ability to connect people and communities through the integration of cultural understandings. We deeply respect and admire both the wood crafters, and the Western Red Cedar trees, that continuously challenge us to remain true to the spirit of the craft.

Ric Durfeld, Owner
I am truly grateful for all the individuals we have worked with who have collectively shared their skills and understandings over the years. We are committed to preserving and expanding this sharing of knowledge in every aspect of the work we do.
Ric Dürfeld
"Through all projects, Durfeld Log & Timber’s standard of craftsmanship, knowledge, fairness, and hard work have all exceeded expectations. The quality is exceptional, and in my experience as an architectural practitioner DL&T is the most qualified and consistently excellent log and timber firm in British Columbia.”
Dr. Nancy Mackin
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“The workmanship in this house is the finest I have ever seen. I’d put it against any home in North America. It goes beyond construction into artisanship - it’s true art.”
Dave Abramoff
Project Manager
Boxwell Construction